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About Tanukiko’s BBQ

Feel free to barbecue empty-handed under the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji! 5 pairs a day Limited

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Finally, Tanukiko’s BBQ site is open at east side of the office.

Feel free to coming BBQ with empty-handed, but you can bring alcohol if you want.

You can enjoy BBQ in nature.

  • The price all tax included, and cash only.
  • Available time: from10:00am to 3:00pm (final time is 1:30pm)
  • Reservation-only (and reservation accept only from our website)
  • Come rain or shine (*Postponed (canceled) in case of stormy weather)
    (in that case, you don’t need to pay cancel fee.)
  • An additional charge will be incurred if it differs from the reservation details.

BBQ plan

■ Free-handed BBQ plan
(bring in uncooked food is prohibited, but you can bring in alcohol.)

This plan is included table, chairs, BBQ grill, parasol, ingredient (meet, vegetables)
(for adults: over middle school students)
Using 2-3 persons : 7,000JPY/1person *It’s not possible for accept only one adult.
Using 4-6 persons : 6,000JPY/1person
*capacity : maximum 6people / 1group
*FREE for under elementary school students. (No meal)
*meal addiction price : 6,000JPY / 1person

BBQ plan details

  • ■Basic meals (for 4people)
  • YAKISOBA (steamed noodle 2packs, Meat debris 60grams, YAKISOBA sauce 4packs, cabbage 200grams)
  • Mangenton (Fujinomiya locally grown pork) sausage: 8
  • FUJINOTORI (locally grown chicken) chicken wings: 4
  • Vegetables for 4 people (onion, pumpkin, green pepper, sweet potato)
  • ASAGIRI beef (locally grown beef) : 360grams
  • Mangenton spareribs: 8
  • Seafoods (shrimps, scallops, squid)
  • Seasoning (grilled meat sauce, salt, and pepper)
  • Kitchenware (tongs, spatula, hand towels, chopsticks, paper plate, cups, gloves)
  • *bring in uncooked food is prohibited.
  • You can bring in alcohol. (Also, beverages are sold at Tanukiko)
  • You and bring your tarps, but for only roof-type tarp. (1,000JPY / 1tarp)

Meal options

  • Mangenton(locally grown beef) Pork back ribs
    Mangenton(locally grown beef) Pork back ribs:
  • FUJINOTORI (locally grown chicken) chicken wings
    FUJINOTORI (locally grown chicken) chicken wings:
  • Beef tongue
    Beef tongue:
  • ASAGIRI beef (locally grown beef)
    ASAGIRI beef (locally grown beef)

Others: tsukune(stuck on the stick meatballs) 1,500JPY for 10 sticks / sausage 450JPY for each

Reservation for free-handed BBQ

BBQ site rent plan

■ BBQ site rent plan (with table and chair)

up to 4people: 4,000JPY
Over 5 people: adult 1,000JPY for each, child 500JPY for each (elementary and middle school students)
Capacity: 6 people / group

■ Rental stuff

BBQ grills
Cookstove (for charcoal)

It’s possible for bring in your own tarp, but with curtain or banner type is prohibited. (costs 1000JPY for set up)

Reserve BBQ site-rent plan

About cancel

■ How to cancel

Please check the link [Cancel from here] for canceling each plan.
Please put your e-mail address when you reserved. You will get the mail about cancel.

■ Free-handed BBQ plan

If you want to cancel, please do canceling action until 4days earlier your BBQ date.

[cancellation fee]
2-3days earlier: 50percent
1day earlier- on the date: 100persent

■ BBQ site rent plan

If you want to cancel, please do canceling action until 1 day before your BBQ date.

[Cancellation fee] on the date: 100persent

About reservation, and contact

Our capacity: until 5 groups/1day and on a first-come-first-served basis.
Click the button and make a book from reservation form.

*we can’t accept any addiction or change your order.
If you need to change about your reservation, please cancel first, and make another book again.

Reservation for free-handed BBQ

Reserve BBQ site-rent plan