Using drone (radio-controlled aircraft) is prohibited at Tanuki-lake


Tanuki-lake campsite is public managed campsite which exists next to Tanuki-lake. Tanuki-lake exist at Asagiri highlands on the foot of great Mt.Fuji at Fujinomiya city in Shizuoka prefecture. In spring time you can see about 350 trees of Yoshino cherry blossom and wild cherry blossoms, in early summer time you can see firefly around South side campsite.

At Tanuki-lake, you can enjoy hera-crucian and black bass fishing, and going boating on the lake. At Tanuki-lake side, you can enjoy walking and cycling with a rental bicycle on the maintenanced promenade.

In late autumn, you can enjoy star observation in the clear sky as Asagiri highlands has an elevation of 650 meters. Please come to Tanuki-lake surrounded by rich nature soothing your soul.